Monday, March 28, 2011

Preliminary Reviews

I am working on my third and (hopefully) last draft of Undead Reckoning, now that I've had a few reviewers take a look at the content. So far, I can't complain with the feedback:

"Undead Reckoning is a great adventure of lives lived, lost, and found."

"Undead Reckoning is a mind-racing epic that won't provide you a moment's peace until the final passage." 

"Undead Reckoning is probably not for a casual reader of geek genre, but it can be a fun, campy ride full of oddly-familiar WTF moments for anyone who owns a 20-sided die."

"A high-velocity boot to the head with a refreshing shamanic twist."

Friday, March 18, 2011

Undead Reckoning Summary

What is Undead Reckoning about? I don;t know if I can explain it:

When Eddie Griffin becomes the youngest NFL rookie to win the Super Bowl, little does he realize it will save his life. The day he pays a post-Super Bowl visit to the troops stationed at Ft. Hood, 98% of the world’s population drops dead. And 99% of those people rise up as flesh-crazed

Luckily, Eddie ends up safe and sound in the confines of an Emergency Services Bunker. But as bunkers fall prey to undead hordes, Eddie is selected to accompany Lt. Jim Shrike on a secret mission. Together, they enter a world filled with roaming zombies, desperate survivors, crazed lunatics, mighty warriors and depraved demons.

Guided by an ancient prophecy, their mission leads them into the mystical world of Nabisusha, where they not only attempt to save humanity, but discover the very nature of the universe.