Saturday, September 29, 2012

I placed 2nd in the Chompasaurus Reviews Flash-Fiction contest. Thank you Annie for the great wirting challenge!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fool's Quest

What Fools are they, worthy men;
upon errant quest to have undertaken,
amidst Hesperian gardens, an eternity forsaken,
to seek a Grail more glitter than golden.

To four corners distant, journeying from pole to pole,
Time withers all memories endeared,
leaving all for lost, amidst the wasted years;
An empty longing even tears cannot console.

So my dearest Kathryn, only one promise I make unto thee:
An errant knight upon Fool’s quest, I’m afraid I cannot be.

Noble Matter

Rewarded, like Launcelot by Baumain’s blade,
for vanquished foes and damsels saved.
The knight and virtue, as it appears:
artifice manifested in shield and spear.

The quest for love, honesty and truth;
the sword does lie - my pen speaks truth:
strength exists not in chivalry’s fate,
but within heart beats ‘neath armor plate.

Love most noble: a matter of the heart,
for that which seems to matter most, matters not.