Friday, June 29, 2012

Review in July issue of Shelf Life

Found this review in the July 2012 issue of Shelf Life (Thank you for the review, and to Gord Mood of for getting me a copy of the publication).

Reprinted with permission from Paul Sutter (Editor/Publisher – Shelf Life)

As a book reviewer for m...ore than thirty years, there are times when from the thousands of books reviewed, one imagines, “how did this get printed?” Yet we hear stories of excellent books that get turned down countless times. It is a shame that Mike Slabon had to go the self-publishing route, because the book is good enough to be represented by a publishing house.
Slabon is a London Ontario bank employee, who had the idea for this book for some time. The writing process took several years. It was worth the wait as the book was printed with a popular zombie theme.
There are many layers to the book. Eddie Griffin is the main character, a former football star, the youngest to win a Super Bowl. As he is touring Fort Hood, he learns that most of the world’s population drops dead. Then they rise up as zombies. It is the minority versus the brain eating creatures, as Griffin and Lt. Jim Shrike are on a mission to figure out what has happened and why.
The book meanders into science-fiction, fantasy, and manages to toss in some Nazis as well. There is a mystical parallel world called Nabisusha, where ancient beings rule. We find out the correlation between the zombies and prophecies fulfilled.
Undead Reckoning is a fun ride, with a little bit of everything to engage your interest and imagination.

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